PHP Slides

These are the slides from our COMP 322 class that relate to PHP.

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Here: Chapter 16: Introduction to PHP (See Appendix A)

Here: Chapter 16 Addendum: Odds and Ends

Here: Chapter 17: PHP Control Structures, String Functions, and Regular Expressions

Here: Chapter 17 Addendum: Advanced Topics

Here: Chapter 18: File Operations

Here: Chapter 18 Addendum: Locking Files

Here: Chapter 19: PHP Arrays

Here: Chapter 19 Addendum 1: More PHP Arrays

Here: Chapter 19 Addendum 2: More on JavaScript Arrays

Here: Chapter 20: PHP Code Reuse and Functions

Here: Chapter 20 Addendum 1: More on Function and Constant Definitions

Here: Chapter 20 Addendum 2: The Interaction between Function Definitions and Including Files

Here: Chapter 21: PHP Classes

Here: Chapter 22: Web Access to Databases with PHP (See Appendix B)

Here: Chapter 22 Addendum: Prepared Statements

Here: Chapter 24: Sessions

Here: Appendix A.1: Installing WAMP

Here: Appendix A.2: Installing MAMP

Here: Appendix A.3: Installing LAMP

Here: Appendix B: MySQL and SQL

Here: Executing server-side scripts: an introduction

Here: Using PHP from the command line